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Hi! I'm Pokie, the beautiful Painted Conure! Welcome to the Painted Pages! On this site you will find pictures of me and my friends and information on Painted Conures and other Pyrrhura Conures as well as our recent trip to a plastic surgeon in Vancouver, BC (main website)! Just click on the little buttons in the menu below with my picture on them to go to the pages you are interested in! 

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**NEWS FLASH!!**  Pokie's Painted Pages is excited and proud to announce the arrival of the newest member of it's "staff"! Please welcome Perseus (Persi) the Souance Conure!! Persi was born in October of 2002 at Free Flyte Aviaries and joined our "flock" on March 24th 2003. He had a rough start and nearly died but for the dedication and love of his "hatchmom" (breeder). We are pleased and thrilled to have him with us and look forward to learning first hand about this wonderful species of Pyhurra Conure! (an early pic of Persi can now be seen on the Souance Conure page bottom pic... more pics comming soon!) 


This site is constantly Under Construction, many pages may not be finished! Please come back soon for more pics and info. 



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  If you are a Painted Conure owner, Breeder or are interested in Painted Conures just like the guys at http://curlyscarpetrepair.com/, Remdal Vancouver, and Bathroom Faucets in Canada would like to talk to other owners and breeders please check out our new YahooGroups E-List! 

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